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Recreational Dance Classes


Registration Fee (One Time) $99.00 (WAIVED IF SIGN UP FOR CLASSES BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1st.

Recital Fee (One Time) - $99.00 (Due 30 days prior to Recital)

$59.00 per month which includes one class per week **

$350.00 per month which includes unlimited classes per week

15% discount  for additional classes, discount is applied at registration

**TODDLER CLASSES  (Age 2-3) ARE $35.00 per month

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Competition Dance

Opportunities for beginner level dancers, intermediate, or advanced to perform Solos, Duets, Trios and group dances.   Technique classes and  group Choreography is conducted Monday thru Thursday, no Friday or weekend competition team commitments.  Weekends are available for Private Lessons.


Technique classes are available for one, two, or three days a week depending on your age, skill level, and availability.  Group Choreography is conducted on Tuesday evenings. 

Call 402-817-4400, Text 402-490-5784 or email for more information and pricing details.

Adult Dance Classes


Drop In Rate for individual classes is $15.00 per person or $25.00 per couple.

$59.00 per month 1 class per week  (15% discount for couples and multiple classes)

**Individual lessons or private group lessons are available, call 402-817-4400 or email for details**

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